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Kusev Farm is an idea born in Kenya by a Kenyan who just wanted to show that anybody could do something different from what everybody else is doing, mainly in the line of poultry farming. Kusev farm chose to deal in turkey farming and with time we may venture into other exotic birds such as the quill, dove, guinea fowl, ostrich, peacock and any other. The staff at  Kusev Farm are very innovative and are ready to try anything more which would improve the environment. As it is in this century,man has been all out to destroy the very environment that he depends on for his survival.  Kusev Farm is out to save mother earth by recycling all that it possibly can and to conserve the environment as much as it can. Kusev Farm is a typical example of people who are mindful of the environment and at the same time having a lot of fun and beauty. Welcome to our website and see what we have kindly copy some of the things that we are doing so that we may make our beautiful earth a pleasant place to be in.


Delicious Butchered Turkey

We supply the Bird butchered to clients who would want to order. The bird is dressed and packaged at our farm and then frozen. It is delivered within 24 hrs on order. Since we do not have such a big volume, we supply the bird whole and the prices are dependent on the weight of the bird.


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Turkey Organic Manure

We supply manure. This is from the bird dropings which are collected after a period of time since we use the deep litter system.The manure once collected is left in the heap for approximately “3” months where it may begin the decomposition process and by this any parasite may have died. The manure is sieved and then dried. It is then weighed and packaged according to the desired weight. The weight is indicated on the packaging packet and the farm name is also present. Since it is packaged when very dry, it has no expiry date.


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Nutritious Turkey Eggs

We supply eggs on order to our customers and since they are not laid all the time, they are laid in particular seasons, they are picked from the pens cleaned, marked, gauged then packaged. The price is dependent on the size of the egg. We have three (3) sizes:

  • There is the Jumbo (The very large ones),
  • Large (the averagely large ones)
  • small, those that are smallest.


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Turkey Poults

We supply poults to those who want to be turkey farmers. They are supplied a week after they have been vaccinated, taught how to eat and there sexes determined. One orders for poults in advance. This enables us to be sure of what we have in stock. We also supply older poults depending on the clients need and the price varies with age. But the better option is training with us so as to ensure that the farmers have some known how to take care of the birds to maturity since the poults are sensitive.



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Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Hair sticks, interior decorations etc. these are made from turkey feathers and egg shells. This is all the recycling program that we have and it is working very well so far. One can able to view our jewellery range of designs here at Petero Accessories where order and delivery can be done. We also train those who want to be jewelers and interior ornament designers.

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