We Are Here To Serve You

We are here to serve you. We will make you healthy by consuming heritage turkey meat and heritage turkey eggs. These are a delicacy and same to come by. We make you look gorgeous as a result of being Eco-friendly. We engage youth in the interim of having more want to be heritage farmers.

Why Us

Our mission is to encourage people to eat healthy by consuming heritage turkeys others than the genetically engineered turkey that mature in abnormal time not as God intended them to.

Remember the old adage “Garbage in garbage out”

We are creating jobs that are so scarce to find

To have more people consume more Turkey meat and egg that is more of a luxury here as compared to the Americas and in Europe.

In the coming years local farmers to have more of the Turkey bird in the homesteads as compared to today. The beauty of the bird is something to farm in every homestead.

We consume our birds entirely.We waste nothing from the Turkey farm. This will make the world a healthy place to be in.We are Eco-friendly. Kusev is a sheng in Kiswahili meaning to save.



Heritage Turkey Meats and Eggs

Heritage turkey meat is supplied whole, fresh and chilled to our customers with the giblets included per their weight. We  supply eggs on order to our customers and since they are not laid all the time, they are seasonal thus they are delicacy. They are picked from the pens cleaned, marked guaged then packaged. They are more nutritious than chicken eggs.


Heritage Turkey Poults

We supply poults to those who want to be turkey farmers. They are supplied after they have been vaccinated, taught how to eat and their sexes determined. Orders for poults are done well in advance as this allows us to plan in advance so that we know how to manage the eggs. Eggs need to be managed as at the farm we have those that are fertilized and those that are not.



Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Hair sticks, interior decorations etc. these are made from turkey feathers and egg shells. This is all the recycling program that we have and it is working very well so far. One can able to view our jewellery range of designs here at Petero Accessories where order and delivery can be done. We also train those who want to be jewelers and interior ornament designers.


School Tours

We offer tutorials for schools. Here we educate them about birds, give them a chance to touch them and even take pictures with them. We accept children from kindergarten to tertiary  institutions and even farming groups. On these visits, there is a fee paid that caters for refreshments, lunch and other activities that we would have organized for the particular groups.



We offer training to those who want to be heritage turkey farmers. The training takes 5 days. We teach the farmers the do’s and don’t s of raising the heritage turkeys. During the training, sessions, the farmers have a chance to see how the birds are treated at the farm. They also have a chance to participate in some of the daily chores at the farm with guidance of the workers. We encourage group training as this is more fun.


Manure supply

We supply composted turkey manure.The manure is dried then sieved. It is weighed and packaged according to the desired weight.